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Aircraft Maintenance Licensing

Click here if you are an aviation maintenance technician and want to apply for an Aircraft Maintenance Licence (Part-66 AML).

Click here if you want a Part-66 AML licence transfer.  

Kiwa supplies Dutch nationals with services in the areas of road, air and water transport on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure & Water Management. Kiwa issues well over 100.000 licenses to professionals (e.g. airline engineers, airline pilots, ship captains) and to companies (e.g. airlines, truck companies and shipping companies). Kiwa Licensing has a long history of issuing licenses for the public sector. This results in a broad knowledge and experience when it comes to (EU) law and regulations, qualifications verification, production and customer support.

Kiwa processes and reviews aircraft maintenance license (Part-66) applications for the Kingdom of the Netherlands in accordance with EASA standards. Kiwa can process and review Part- 66 applications for any Competent Aviation Authority in the same manner. Kiwa Licensing is subject to routine audits by EASA. Past audits have consistently concluded that Kiwa properly and correctly establishes eligibility of applicants for air-transport licenses, including Part-66 licenses.

Kiwa Licensing can be at service for the entire process or parts of the process of issuing Part-66 licenses. Depending on the CAA's needs, all or some of the following steps can be handled by Kiwa. Kiwa is experienced in establishing the eligibility of applications for a first issue, an endorsement or a renewal of the license for all categories from A1 to B3. The main advantages Kiwa has as a company in comparison to a government body are short turn-around times, efficiency and agility.



Organisations, companies and member states in the European Union that have an interest to explore the ways in which Kiwa can help to improve their license-issuing process in terms of quality, cost or delivery times, can contact Kiwa Licensing through the contact form.